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This style is called (小清新) in Mandarin, and it was first described in music industry since 1980s from UK, which represents a refreshing, gentle and positive music theme that comes from tiny things in personal lives. This sub-culture has also penetrated into other fields such as movie and photography. Japan has been considered the cradle of ‘Xiao Qing Xin’ Movie and Photography. Famous Movie director Shunji Iwai(岩井俊二) is one of the top advocators, the movie ‘Love letter’ is the best masterpiece to feel the non-resistible style. Similar piece such as ‘Hana and Alice’ is also enjoyable to watch.

There are many classic elements in ‘Xiao Qing xin’ Photography: use of LOMO camera and LOMO photos, sneakers, bright skylines/scenery, large earphones etc. However, in recent years, ‘Xiao Qing Xin’ photography will no longer be restricted within these elements. Anything that gives the audience refreshing, warm and positive themes could be recognized as an extension of the ‘Xiao Qing Xin’ Style. Japanese photographers Rinko Kawauchi, Kobayashi Kisei and Shunsuke Iwai are popular icons for Japanese ‘Xiao Qing Xin’. Here I quote Rinko Kawauchi : I like to listen to fine sounds. Those whispers I hear are the redemption of life to me. As a consequence, I will put my attention to tiny things. When I take a walk in Shibuya, I cannot help running towards a small stalk of wild flowers along the road. Others might feel weird but I am delighted by these peaceful attentions.

What A Square Visual Studio could bring you? A Square Visual Studio is a firm believer in ‘Xiao Qing Xin’, and we provide a one-stop solution to your personalized needs in ‘Xiao Qing Xin’ photography. Our package includes excellent service in image design, make-up, photo-shooting and post-shooting image processing.


“ A Square Visual Studio is the first photography studio in Singapore that pursues the unique ‘Xiao Qing Xin’ photography style, it means serene and poetic.